Thursday, 11 June 2009


Our first guests have now been and gone and I am happy to say the wrote a little note in our guest book.

Our first guests, an English couple with 3 little children now living in Ireland, wrote:
And our second guests, a couple from outside Belfast, wrote:
I hope to have lots more entries to add and of course will continue to strive to make Daisy Cottage a place guests will both enjoy and want to return to and for that reason we decided against taking an 'excess cleaning/breakages' deposit, prefering to trust our guests to respect Daisy Cottage and take care of it. And so far, I am delighted with the way our guests have left the house. It is great to have people who appreciate our effort and reciprocate by leaving the house as they found it (other than washing bedding and  towels of course ~ it's a holiday after all, not a cleaning camp!). We hope we can continue not taking such a deposit.

Onwards with more comments:

From a group of guys on a diving weekend in Donegal "Love the house"

And the kids have their say:
"Loved the games room"
"Would like to stay here again"

This next guest book entry was from a Spanish family who had taken a months holiday in Ireland and had rented a house a week here to enjoy different locations.  Daisy Cottage was the last house they stayed at and I had really hoped they would like our house best of all, so you will understand how delighted I was to read: 
"The best house of the Ireland"

And from our South African couple
And from Kildare: "A wonderful stay in Daisy Cottage ... we loved it"

Another family from Belfast wrote "Everything delightfull!!"

A group of ladies on a 'Girls Weekend'  in Daisy Cottage wrote: "... a wonderful cottage, very spacious and well equipped"
A large family from Warrenpoint wrote "5 star plus" and ...
"If Carlsberg done holiday cottages this would be the one!!"


You can read our entire guest book at our website HERE

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