Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fresh Fish Daily & Body Warmers

Yesterday we travelled the few miles from our holiday home to the fishing port of Killybegs. This fishing port is the biggest sea fishing port in Ireland and lands over half the catch of the entire national fishing fleet. The places is buzzing with locals, fishermen of all nationalities, and visitors to the area. If you would like to read more on Killybegs click on this link

At the portside there is a unique little shop selling all manner of bits and pieces from heavy duty outerwear to postcards to buckets and spades for kids to gifts. A real time waster of a shop but we love it and visit it each time we are in Killybegs to see what's new there. Sometime ago my husband bought one of those wind up torches - I'm not sure if we've ever used it but you never know when we might need it during a power failure, 'though guaranteed, come the power failure we won't be able to find it! Yesterday was so cold that we bought a couple of huge body warmer jackets. They aren't the prettiest of things but, boy, are they warm.

Beside the port there is a van where a man sells a selection of the fish landed that morning. He is there 6 days a week so it is a case of fresh fish (almost) daily! From the selection there we bought some squid and some line caught cod. Today I sliced and gently fried the squid in a little olive oil and garlic and it was delicious. The cod I will bake tomorrow - drizzled with a little olive oil, a few chunks of lemon on top, covered with some tin foil. Served with some steamed baby potatoes french beans it makes a perfect meal.

There was a car boot sale on in the village too so of course I needed to check it out. There was the usual mishmash of stalls - one of them had a beautiful mahogany wash stand with marble top and a matching dressing table, both of which I would love to have purchased for our holiday home but as I have nowhere to store them I had to drag myself away. There was also a huge stall selling lots of fresh fruit and veg including some newly dug baby potatoes which we bought. I think this market may be on every Saturday and if so what a great place to collect fresh veg to go with the fresh fish from the van.

On previous visits to Killybegs we have enjoyed meals in a number of places, the best to date being one called 22 Main Street It is a cute little place tucked in behind an equally charming bar. We enjoyed a meal of really well priced fresh seafood (naturally) and later adjourned to the bar where we had a great night's craic with locals and the barman. A friendly bar and restaurant to which we hope to return often once our house is ready.

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