Wednesday, 16 April 2008

An Old Addiction Reborn!

I have to admit to being totally addicted to buying antique/old dishes, glassware, plates etc. I had this under control by going cold turkey at the point when we had to rent a storage unit to hold all the boxes of dishes I have gathered over the years. From then I have strictly avoided antique shops, car boot sales and the like because the addiction hovers over me at all times!

But now I am back in the loop. And all because of Daisy Cottage.

It started off so innocently, I wanted to go to a local car boot sale last Saturday seeking bedside cabinets which were old and in keeping with the age of the house. My idea being that I will find suitable pieces and do them up myself to add a selection of pretty or unusual pieces to compliment the new furniture I will be buying.

So, off I went, husband and grandson in tow. It was all going swimingly and I found 2 matching bedside cabinets, well made and just in need of a little tlc. I went to ask how much and the lady said: sorry, they've just been sold to that man seconds ago. I could have cried - they were so perfect for Daisy Cottage. The seller called to the guy who had just bought them and said how much for this lady (me!) - his wife called back, increasing the price they had paid (which the original seller had told me) fivefold! I was furious and of course didn't buy them but furious too because if I'd been a few moments earlier ...

Anyway, I bought a very nice little chest from the woman who sold the bedside cabinets. It is solid wood and with a bit of sanding and a nice fresh coat of white paint will be ideal in the cottage for storing toys or perhaps spare pillows.
Wandering around, the glass on sale was calling my name and I could resist the temptation no more. I bought a gorgeous green dish with a lid and a tiny green glass dish. I have nowhere to put them of course but they were so lovely how could I not buy them? At another stall I bought one of my favourites - sets of dessert dishes and a large matching bowl, glass, circa 1950s. I have many such sets usually in blue or pink and a couple in green glass. The set I bought on Saturday was a sort of golden colour, which I'm not madly fond of but hey, it was my type of set. I also bought a cute little stemmed glass which would be ideal for a dressing table - either mine at home or one in Daisy Cottage. As Oscar Wilde said 'I can resist anything except temptation'.

But I did acquire a couple of pieces of furniture too. A white wicker 2 seater sofa, 2 matching chairs, and a matching table. All in perfect condition (with just a little touch up of fresh white paint). Initially I bought this set to use for the patio/bbq area of the cottage but it looks so perfect out on our terrace at home I am torn. I also got 2 very heavy wood chairs which will be absolutely perfect for Daisy Cottage.

And more good news. The woman who sold me the chest and the 2 heavy chairs tells me they have an old Irish dresser that I might be interested in. This is very exciting and if it is right will look fabulous in the kitchen in the cottage. I will get to see it in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed it is right and of course the price is right!

So now I have the perfect excuse to feed my old addiction - hunting for nice bits and pieces for Daisy Cottage.

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