Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Why Daisy Cottage?

Why name our cottage Daisy Cottage?

The previous owners had simply called it 'The Cottage' but I wanted something a little more evocative, more memorable. I ran various names past my husband and he mostly did that 'yes, dear' thing. I honestly think had I suggested naming it The Castle he'd have said 'yes, dear'. Men!

So, the naming was left up to me. Which was probably for the best.

We have a tiny orchard at the end of the garden, or yard, to the rear of the property and I toyed with the idea of names related to that. Names such as Apple Blossom Cottage. However, the orchard is completely hidden from view to those passing the cottage and so I eventually discounted that idea.

As the cottage will also be used for holiday rental I wanted something that was fairly easy to remember and something I could develop on. The idea to name it Daisy Cottage came to me early one morning recently and at first I wasn't sure. But the more I thought about it, the better I liked it.

Daisy Cottage Donegal had a ring to it that I liked. Daisies always make me think of sunny, summer days and as the cottage is for holidays, well it just seemed perfect. And so Daisy Cottage was born ...

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