Sunday, 5 April 2009


The plumber is coming this week to plumb in the fridge and the dishwasher (which arrived last week) so we'll be all systems go (G&Ts with LOTS of ice at the ready!).

I chose the fridge/freezer in black as I thought it would match the vanilla units much better than a white f/f and once it's in situ I'll know for sure. But I think I'm right anyway. It's sitting with it's coat on in the hall at the moment just waiting for Mr. Plumber to arrive. At least he'll have 2 other guys in the house to help him move the beast!

And the dishwasher is black too. Yes, I chose it because it matches but also because I have never seen a black dishwasher before and thought it would look the bit. Hopefully it's a good dishwasher too!

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