Sunday, 5 April 2009


My plan for the games room has been given a bit of a shake! I awoke one morning last week to the dreadful thought ~ we won't be able to get a pool table up to the games room!

The games room is in the loft of the extension at the back of Daisy Cottage. And in all the fuss getting the main part of the house ready, getting this area finished was last on the list. But now that finishing work is being done it has dawned on me that my perception of space is out of kilter with the actual space. There is no way a pool table is going to fit up the tiny stairs leading to the loft games room!

Now it seems we will have a football table instead, much to my husband's delight. He retains a love of those tables from childhood ~ completely lost on me. As is pool. But that's not the point. So no pool table.

Still, the games room is coming together. I wanted to keep the old stone walls but have now been completely talked out of it so we will have plastered walls instead. I can see the sense in this ~ the old stone walls are cold and draughty so a nice new wall will be better but I wish we could have just left the stone ...

The new stairs are now fitted. The old ones were scary they were so rickety so a new staircase was essential.

All that's to be done there is the walls (this week) and the floor fixed up (this week too).

And then we'll have a games room sans pool table.


Panic over. The pool/air hockey table DID fit up the stairs so is not in situ.

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