Sunday, 12 July 2009


The apple blossom on the trees in Daisy Cottage's orchard garden has now gone and been replaced with small green apples which will ripen and be ready for apple pies, apple jelly, apple crumble and lots of other apple dishes come the autumn.

I planted 3 clematis plants a couple of months ago, 2 behind the G.O.U.C. (great outdoors under cover ~ the gazebo), and one on an old stone wall in the orchard which had once been swamped in ivy. I am delighted to see the speed of their growth and hoping that I might even have flowers this year. The idea with the ones at the G.O.U.C. is that they will grow up and around the edeges of the gazebo. And at the rate they are growing this shouldn't take too long.

I also threw flower seeds in various places and poked in nasturtium seeds in at the bottom of trees and on top of the yard stone wall (my gardening skills truly know no bounds). All I can see so far is the nasturtium appearing below one of the trees at the gazebo. But I remain hopeful of more appearing, especially on top of the stone wall because these would then cascade down into the yard.

At the very end of the orchard garden at the back wall, there is a huge fuschia bush and it is now just popping all over with glorious red and purple blooms.

I love fuschia!

My big pot of herbs is doing very well and I got to take a selection of herbs back home with me. Now to make some delicious herb oil. How do you do that? Heat olive oil a little, put into bowl, add herbs, leave to cool and infuse, transfer to sterilised jar or bottle. Easy.

Unfortunately, and much as I love some weeds, many are popping up on the paved area of the gazebo and gravel path. So I tried a method of killing them that a friend told me recently ~ pour boiling water over them. And it really does work. Ok, it might not kill the roots (as sceptics keep telling me) but it certainly kills the bit you can see above ground. And all without resorting to the use of strong chemicals. Great idea eh?

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