Sunday, 9 August 2009



July 2009 was the wettest on record for over 50 years in many parts of Ireland but according the Met Eireann, Donegal had the least rainfall. And the most hours of sunshine!

Years ago, Donegal was very wet and dull a lot of the time but in the past 20 years this has changed and now we in Donegal have blue skies and sunshine when other parts are deluged with rain.

Forget the "sunny south east" folks, it's now the sunny north west!


Cattitude216 said...

I'm looking forward to a sunny NW in just a little over a month!

Catherine McGlynn said...

September is almost guaranteed (fingers crossed lol) to be good weather in Ireland.

mazurka666 said...

Yes, July weather was great there. For two weeks from July 6th onwards, saw just a few heavy showers on two days. Rest of the time weather was excellent.

Am slowly putting photographs of the trip on Flickr.

Enjoyed your Blog,


Catherine McGlynn said...

mazurka666: Let me know when you've them on flickr ~ would love to see them. :-)