Tuesday, 29 December 2009


At last I am getting around to building the Daisy Cottage website and I hope and intend it will be online at the start of 2010.  But oh boy is it hard work.  Apart from the technical side which I am finding it incredibly difficult I rhen have the problem of what do I do with content? 

What do future potential guests want to know?  Yes, I could bang on for hours about the house and all we have done and included there but to me it seems like bragging.  Is it bragging to outline all we have?  Or is it information possible guests would like to know? 

And the little extras I have included in 2009 in our first year of letting, extras I thought would be perfect to greet our guesrw such as homemade ice cream or homemade soups or even my attenpts at scones.  These are little welcome things I have done but don't necessarily want to go on about.  I much prefer our guest arriving and being delighted with some little touch I have added rather than guest arriving and expecting something that hasn't lived up to their expectations if I were to previously announce I leave a little extra.

And the area.  Daisy Cottage is not a beach front property which matters not given that we have many, many sandy beaches nearby.  Guest get to enjoy living for a short while in a small Irish village and still have the benefit of easily accessing these beaches.Mind you, I haven't mentioned that we can stand at the end of the orchard garden and see Benbulbin in county Sligo many miles away and across Donegal Bay.  But that is not a plus I will add to the website, it is a secret our guests can discover.

And about the area.  How on earth do I include all the fabulous places to visit?  The highest sea cliffs in Europe just a short drive away?  The many golf courses, some of the best in the world.  The many restaurants serving fresh fish and local beef?  The old villages where one can still see traditional thatched cottages?  The mountains to climb and the hills to hike?  The ancient Donegal where just beside Daisy Cottage can be found the forerunner to the more recogniseable high cross?  The three thousand year plus burial tomb, one of the best preserved in Ireland?

Making the website is a trial for sure.

I can't do it.

But I will.


toadjr said...

Hello, Catherine.

My name is Gord McGlynn, and I live in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

I'm was in the process of researching the McGlynn family line, when I discovered your website. Our family's oral history suggests that we came from Donegal. The earliest ancestor I have been able to trace is Edward McGlynn (b. 1815, Ireland). Edward married Elsa Gallagher and moved to Wolfe Island, Ontario. This is where my father grew up.

Anyway, a shot in the dark.

Lara Dunston said...

Hi there! Great idea to start a site/blog! I think you should write small posts each day about the place, the garden, the changing seasons, and all those little things you do, like bake scones or cut fresh flowers from the garden. Just play it by ear and write from your heart, write about what you love about the place and those who read it will love it too!

Catherine McGlynn said...

Hi Lara

Thanks for your comment and you are right of course, I should update more regularly. Seem to be spending most of my time trying to make the Daisy Cottage website and upgrading my Donegal website.

Have a number of posts to do for my blog with recent visits there.


Catherine McGlynn said...

Hi Gord

I will try to find some info for you. If you email me at:
daisycottagedonegal AT gmail.com
(change the AT to @ and close spaces obviously).