Thursday, 18 February 2010


Still in Daisy Cottage on the first day of 2010 we spent a lazy day eating and reading and watching total rubbish on the TV.  Later we took a drive over to Killybegs for a bit of shopping and a walk along the waterfront.  Taking photographs of the boats as usual ~ between us we must have more photographs of boats than most people will ever have.  But there is something so enticing about Killybegs and the reflections of the boats on the water, especially when the water is like a mirror.  I love too the salty smell of the sea and the fresh breeze when walking there and indeed I think we go there each time we are in Daisy Cottage, not least for the reasons above but also the fact we can buy fresh fish on the pier.

Later back home in Daisy Cottage we lit a roaring fire in the grate and then moved into the kitchen/diner to prepare dinner.  Standing at the kitchen sink preparing the vegetables for dinner I noticed the sky becoming the most fabulous orange.  Immediate downing of vegetables and knife and grabbed camera and out to the garden.  Looking over the wall and down to St. John's Point I was rewarded with a fabulous sunset over the water, the hills in the far distance fading into the warm glow and the setting sun seeming to almost melt into the water.  I love sunsets and that sunset on the first evening of the New Year was very special.

Sunset over St. John's Point ~ New Years Day evening 2010

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