Friday, 19 February 2010


A frozen Gartan Lake ~ Christmas Day 2009

19th of February 2010

Wakened this morning to a blanket of snow.  I had thought this had weather was now passed.  Honestly, in Donegal we had very little snow for years and this year we have had weeks of it.  Enough already!

We wanted to go to Daisy Cottage this afternoon (ostensibly to begin the 'Spring Clean') but secretly just because we love it down there.  Even though the ground is white at the moment
, I remain hopeful that it will clear up long enough in the afternoon to allow us to get there.  So now I will spend the next few hours listening avidly to local radio weather reports, popping in and out of the house to check the snowfall and temperature.

But if it DOES clear up long enough for the drive to Daisy Cottage we can light a big fire and relax in front of it.  And hey, there's always the hope we'll get snowed in for a few days .. ah, bliss.

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