Monday, 8 March 2010


Monday, 8th March 2010

We have been having the most perfect weather here in Donegal so far this year ~ apart of course from the snow earlier in the year.  Even with the snow we enjoyed perfect blue skies and sunshine and today as I sit in Daisy Cottage with all the windows and doors wide open, I really feel spring is upon us.  And yesterday whilst in the garden I am sure I heard the tweeting of baby birds.

Winter sunshine and blue skies over our garden in Daisy Cottage

Outside just now I took the opportunity to photograph the garden.  Yes,  the trees are still bare but the dazzling spring sunshine and azure blue of the sky hints of warmer weather to come.  The trees will soon be in bud with fresh green leaves and we will look forward to apple blossom time and later apples.  And those trees when in full leaf will offer a pretty, dappled canopy of shade when the summer sun is high in the sky.

Yes, spring is here.

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