Saturday, 15 May 2010


I loved being out in the garden of Daisy Cottage today.  Early in the day it was sunny and warm and I took some photos of the garden and lots of photos of my tree peony.  Even later in the day when it rained, the garden was worth being in.  I stood under the shelter of the trees taking photos to my hearts content.

An apple tree in Daisy Cottage garden

Whilst under the trees, a little robin started following me around.  I had seen him sitting on the garden wall watching me and then he got braver and sat in a branch not a foot away from me.  He seemed to enjoy the 'tweeting' sound my camera made as I zoomed in and out on the blossom around me.  Of course when I went to take a photo of him, I still had my macro setting on and missed him!  Maybe it was because I pointed my camera directly at him, but whatever it was he then decided it was safer to watch from the branches above. 

Apple Blossom

I got a bit of an artistic urge and wanted to pull off an apple blossom bloom to leave in the rain for a moment to capture rain drops on it but it occured to me that if I remove a blossom it will be one less apple come the autumn.  So I binned that idea.  But it didn't matter because later I noticed a bloom with raindrops on it so I got the photo I wanted without harm to the apple count.

Raindrops on the Apple Blossom

Did I mention I was having a Lazy-Daisy day?  Which means I was tripping about Daisy Cottage all day in my pyjamas.  Which meant I painted a pretty picture myself out in the garden taking photos in the rain ... spotty pyjamas, wellington boots, and big coat.  No wonder my husband had a little smirk when he came to find me and spotted me wandering about in the garden in the rain with my camera dressed thus.  Luckily the garden in Daisy Cottage is not overlooked so at least no-one else saw me.  Well, except for my little robin of course.

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