Monday, 31 May 2010


The 28th of May this year brought new beginings ...

First, and most importantly, we were blessed with our fourth grandchild and first granddaughter who entered the world just before midnight on the 28th.  Little Ava Isabelle weighed in at a health 8lbs 3oz and both she and mum are well.  Our son, the new daddy rang to give us the great news and we could hardly wait until the next day to see her! 

And what a wee cupcake she is!  Perfect, pouty rosebud lips and huge eyes and not only is she our first granddaughter, she is the first of our sons and grandsons who is not a coppertop and seems to have dark hair, though not a whole lot of it it must be said.

Of course on our first visit I had my camera with me and managed to get just short of 100 shots of her!  I took them with the flash off obviously so didn't disturb her at all.  Not that she seemed to even notice, so placid is she.  Her mum was saying she only really cried when she wanted fed so hopefully for the new parents she will continue thus.  We were very lucky in that both our sons were like that as babies and I don't remember having any sleepless nights with them.  All too laid back.

So here is our little cupcake, Ava Isabelle.

How cute is she?!

The other new begining was that at last I got my whole new revamped Donegal website back on line.  I first created the site some years back to show the world how beautiful Donegal is and during that time I had over 225,000 visitors to the site from all over the world. 

Then a while back I decided to bring it up to date and revamp it totally.  The new site is still packed with information and of course photographs but there will be even more information and photographs going on to it over the coming weeks and months.  I have been working recently for sometimes up to 14 hours a day getting the work done so there is lots to add.  And although it is far from complete as I write, I am happy with the way it is looking. 

Do pop along to visit the site, just click the name: WeLoveDonegal

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