Monday, 14 February 2011


The dull whir and no kick told us what we really didn't want to know.  The battery was flat.

Saturday morning saw us up nice and early in Daisy Cottage to head out to the local hardware store to purchase some bits and pieces for Daisy Cottage.  More of which anon.

Out into the sunny morning and into the car.  The car with a flat battery caused by someone the previous evening leaving the interior light on.  I'll not go into who left the light on but I can tell you it was the female part of this relationship and not her husband.  Figure it out.

"Oh dear" I didn't say.  What to do?  My husband then spotted one of the village pubs owners car sitting further down the street and set off to ask him could we use our jump leads on his car.  As is the case with the helpful people of Dunkineely, he dropped what he was doing and drove his pick up truck up to Daisy Cottage where our car sat.  Jump leads connected, we waited.  It was slow as the leads we carry are not professional leads but just the sort you can buy in most car shops.  (The reason we have them is that said female part of this relationship has a habit of leaving lights on in the car!).

So, as we waited for the charge to happen another car drove along the street and our friendly local publican waved him down.  A local mechanic no less.  Out he got and brought out a set of kick-ass jump leads and seconds later we were good to go. 

All this and not a penny passed hands.  That's the way people are down there and why we love it so, people help because it is the thing to do and not in case there is a buck to be made.

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