Sunday, 24 July 2011


I know I have said it before but it warrants another say: we get THE best guests!

Last Saturday I arrived down in Daisy Cottage for our weekly change-over day, the day guests finishing their week leave and arriving guests arrive.  It's a pretty hard and intensive few hours work getting the house ready for the new arrivals.  Of course all our guests leave the house clean and tidy, something we greatly appreciate.  But just now and then a guest will go the extra mile and that is what happened last Saturday.

The family leaving had the beds stripped, the bedding and used towels all gathered at the washing machine, the hall and kitchen floor washed, the inside and outside of the fridge/freezer cleaned and polished, the living room fireplace cleaned out and re-set, and the bathrooms cleaned from top to bottom. 

Part of the hallway and the black & white tiles
The black and white tiled floor in the hallway and kitchen, although beautiful, is my biggest bug bear.  There is so much of it for a start and then trying to do work without dirtying it after cleaning is near on impossible.  And this ends up in having to re-mop parts with footprints on.  To find that washed and cleaned was enough but then to find I didn't have to clean bathrooms?  Well you can imagine.

So we made up the beds, did a bit of dusting and hoovering and we were ready two hours early for our new guests.  I had texted the new guests that we would be ready early so they were able to come directly to Daisy Cottage rather than stopping off along the way from their home in Dublin.

Daisy Cottage Cupcakes!
The new guests duly arrived bearing a gift.  The lady had handmade the most beautiful cupcakes all neatly arranged in a large white box!  The cupcakes were topped with pale green whirls of icing and each was topped with a sugar daisy.  How nice was that?  She makes cakes for wedding and events and had taken the time to make a big box of cakes just for us.  I was so touched.

Arriving home, we called by our son and his wife's home to share the gift and I have to say EVERYONE in the house enjoyed the fabulous sponge (a moist and light sponge, some chocolate, some plain) and delicious icing on these cupcakes. 

A perfect daisy
Anyone reading this in the Dublin area wanting to buy a cake or cupcakes for a party email me, I would highly recommend this talented lady's skill in cake making and decorating.

This Saturday arriving down again in Daisy Cottage for change over day I learned that the departing guests had made good use of the fishing rods we supply in Daisy Cottage and managed to catch so many fish they ended up throwing lots back in!  And they had kindly left a bag of about a dozen fish in the freezer for me to take home!

Yes, we do indeed get the best guests!

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