Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today I received an order of some cute little kitchen items for our very young guests.  Most of us know children love a spot of getting messy in the kitchen and with this in mind I searched out and found some fabulous little kitchen utensils especially made for tiny cooks.

Tiny whisks and cake tins in Daisy Cottage
So what did I buy?  Well, a couple of tiny whisks, some tiny cake tins shaped in both heart shapes and star shapes, and templates in heart and star shapes to decorate their cakes. 

Letters & numbers for lots of imagination and designs
Together with these I bought some cookie/biscuit/icing cutters in the shapes of letters and numbers.  Imagine the cute little decorated cakes or biscuits the children could make using all of these? 

Cookie press with lots of shapes to press in Daisy Cottage
I also bought a cookie press which I think will be great fun for children to produce lots of interestingly shaped cookies which they can then decorate in different coloured icings, sprinkles or any other cake decorating accessories. 

Brightly coloured jelly moulds in Daisy Cottage
I bought some little jelly moulds in bright colours so they can produce jellies, perhaps for a little party on the outdoor covered patio area.

Rocket shaped ice lolly moulds
 And as we know, kids love their ice lollies so I found some special rocket shaped ice lolly moulds which I imagine could produce all sorts of interesting rocket lollies using different coloured juices.

Even though I am now a grandmother myself, I can still imagine the thrill I would have felt if, as a child, I was offered all these tiny cooks things to play with and produce my very own baking and foods so I feel sure the kids visiting Daisy Cottage will feel that thrill too.

And sometimes it's all about the kids and in Daisy Cottage there is always lots to do both with them and for them, giving lots of opportunities of future treasured holiday memories in Donegal!

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