Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Excuse the heading ~ I couldn't resist it!

So, what is it about?

Well, last weekend, speaking with a diving expert in the village, we got chatting about diving.  He was telling us that when he was a child Dunkineely would be packed to the gills with divers.  The location is perfect with the clearest diving waters in Europe at St. John's Point behind the village and the village itself a great place for a few jars at night in one of the village bars after a long day diving.  But then along came the Celtic Tiger whooshing them off to more exotic, far-flung places.

St. John's Point, Dunkineely
He said though things were slowly turning back to those days again since the death of the Celtic Tiger and I mentioned that I had had a few enquiries this year from divers wishing to book Daisy Cottage but the house was already booked for the times they wanted.  I told Gerard (our resident expert ~ not only on diving in the area by the way, but he also knows all the very best fishing locations) that I had been thinking of putting up hooks for divers to dry off their wet suits in the downstairs part of our games loft shed.

I was asking how divers want their suits to be hung and he said the ideal is to have a drying room (which of course could also be used by surfers).  And then he said "but if you really want divers, a compressor would be a great thing to have too".  Not being divers ourselves, we had no idea what this was and he explained that the compressor would supply refills to the oxygen tanks for divers and would be a great thing to have to hand.

The idea developed as we spoke and we decided that the compressor should be put in the front shed so that visiting divers not staying in Daisy Cottage could still get tank refills easily. 

Anyone used to reading my blogs will know that I love new ideas and take to them with a passion.

So now we are going to make the drying room big enough so that visiting divers not staying in Daisy Cottage can also leave their suits there overnight to be ready for the morning.

This work and the saving involved to buy the compressor will done over the winter and we should be ready to go come the spring. 

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