Monday, 10 October 2011


We love our coffee and are coffee addicts you could say.

Coffee machine in Daisy Cottage


Our love of coffee meant that from the begining in Daisy Cottage we have always had a coffee machine and a cafetier so that our guests who love their coffee could also enjoy their morning or after dinner coffee.

Just recently I went shopping again for Daisy Cottage and amongst other things, decided to buy more coffee related items for our guests to further enjoy their coffee.

So what did I buy?

Electric coffee bean grinder

Well, the first thing was an electric coffee bean grinder which means our guests can take their favourite beans and grind them freshly each morning to ensure the best taste from their chosen coffee. 

Of course it is not strictly a "necessity" and guests can easily carry a few bags of pre-ground coffee with them when coming to Daisy Cottage, but there really is little to match the taste of just ground coffee, not to mention the delicious aroma, so maybe it is a necessity to others like us, who love their coffee.

Frothy milk for a perfect cappuccino

The next thing I bought was a milk frother.  I was a little unsure if it would work but thought I would give it a try.  Earlier, at home, we once bought a tiny whisk which was said to froth milk for coffee.  It didn't.  Well, at least not very well, hence my scepticism with this frother. 

However, once it arrived I tried it out at home and it does what it is supposed to so now not only is it in Daisy Cottage, but I went on and ordered another for us at home. 

All it takes is to add a little warm milk and pump it up and down for a couple of minutes and hey presto! perfect foam for a perfect cappuccino!

Classic espresso jug
After dinner, we ourselves love nothing more than a perfect espresso and this lead me to search for a classic espresso pot and I was lucky to find a large one which makes nine espressos at at time if needed. 

I remember many years ago my parents having such a pot.  I still remember the glug, glug as the strong coffee was brewed but of course as a child I thought the stuff was vile.  Oh how things have changed!

So, having found this pot our guests can now relax after a meal in Daisy Cottage with a perfect espresso.  And maybe, like us, a brandy to go with it.

Now I just need to dig out those espresso cups and saucers I have stashed away somewhere here at home to bring to Daisy Cottage!

And tea drinkers are not forgotten in Daisy Cottage.  We have two teapots (that pour without that annoying spillage that sometimes occurs with certain teapots, a tea strainer for those who like "real" tea as do we and also a tiny tea strainer for an individual cup of "real" tea.

And tea lovers are welcome in Daisy Cottage too!
Now I need to go off and make myself a fresh cup of coffee ... and find those espresso cups and saucers!

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