Monday, 7 April 2008

Garden, BBQ & Sunny Daffodils

So, on Saturday last another area we looked at was the garden of the house. Currently it is a jungle but a bit of grass cutting and tidying up will sort a lot of that. Our plans are to make the first little garden into a designated BBQ area, paved and with a brick built bbq. You can see this area in the first picture above. And handily, there is another small shed nearby which will be handy to store fuel for the bbq.

That first area is sectioned from the second garden by the little stone wall and gate you can see in picture 1. I think it would be a good idea to cover the bbq area with some sort of 'see through' roof (not over the actually bbq though). We did this at our house last year and it makes sitting out all evening so much better - no cold dew falling at darkness! I wish I'd thought of it years ago!

As there is a second garden the roof on the bbq area will not stop anyone who wants to sunbathe as they can sit in the second garden - should we get lots of sun. In the second garden (shown in picture 2 above) there is a tiny orchard - just a few apple trees really, but I love the look of them at the bottom of the garden and a nice bonus to have some organic apples to make apple jelly come the autumn. In picture 2, just at the left of the picture is an old lean-to hot house the previous owners used but we will clear that to give us even more room in the garden. It is a total eyesore and not an asset in anyway.

Under the jungle there seems to be old stone walling all around the entire garden and bbq to be area and I hope when the jungle is eventually cleared this will be an attractive asset to the outdoor area.

Just outside the backdoor and before the bbq area to be there is a yard which is big enough for 2 cars so I suppose we will just cement over that and put up another fence and gate leading to the bbq area which should render the garden fairly safe for children to play well away from the road.

The gardens are proving to be the place where least bother with decisions is. Most of us love a bbq and most of us love a garden so there isn't such a lot to decide. Plus on looking inside the shed behind the house where the games room will be located we think there is enough room to put a loo and whb which will be great for those outdoor days rather than having to treck into the house to use a loo.

If only all the other decisions we have to make were as easy!

And on top of that we found lots of very pretty daffodils growing in the garden and I picked a bunch to take home - pictured here in their vase and brightening up this overcast day in Donegal.

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