Monday, 7 April 2008

Dolphins in Donegal. Update - Baby Dolphin!

After the sighting of dolphins last Saturday I emailed the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group and sent them some of my pics. A very nice guy emailed me back to confirm what I initially thought that the dolphins were Bottlenose dolphins. To read about the sighting

I looked over my pictures again and started zooming in on them to see if I could see any more details and to my absolute joy I can see what I am sure is a baby dolphin swiming very close to its mother! I have enlarged the picture so that others can now have a look-see - just look very closely under the dark fin and you can see a paler, baby sized dolphin. is a great site too for finding where one might see dolphins (and whales) in Ireland so for sure I will be spending lots of time on that site so that next time we are out and about with the cameras we will be more ready to take pictures should we be lucky enough to spot dolphins again.
Another site with information about Irish dolphins:

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