Sunday, 6 April 2008

Dolphins in Donegal

We visited Daisy Cottage yesterday to take some measurements and assess ideas for the work we want to carry out there. While there we decided to take a drive around the area to see what is available for future guests of our house, distances to places in the vicinity etc.

One of the drives we took was to see how far the various shorelines and beaches in the area are from our house. The weather started off as a beautiful sunny day but quickly became bitterly cold and overcast (and later alternated to blue skies but still cold!).

And at one of the nearby shorelines we were awarded with the most amazing view - a school of dolphins leaping and thrashing through the choppy waters. I know that there are dolphins and whales off our coast but this is the first time I have seen them for myself, so it was a very special moment I can tell you.

As I said, the weather had changed and, disappointed at the grey skies, I was packing away my camera when my husband said 'Look, Catherine! Dolphins!' You can imagine our excitement! Out of the car and into the freezing wind to get nearer the slipway wall we were parked beside to see them. I was totally torn between looking at the dolphins and changing lenses on my camera to capture these special creatures. Unfortunately my freezing hands were barely working at this stage and I spent too long changing lenses and so ended up with not so great photos but I console myself with the fact I have actually seen the dolphins and managed to capture a hint of them.
Sites with information on dolphins and whales in Ireland:

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