Sunday, 6 April 2008

Beaches and Shorelines - St. John's Point

The nearest shoreline to Daisy Cottage is St. John's Point which is approximately one km/half a mile from the house. The panaromaic views there are stunning and yesterday we drove the length of this road which starts low from St. John's Point and rises up to give fabulous views of the seas below and the coastline there. I would imagine for the hardier folks it would be a great walk but hey, the day was cold and we were 'working' and had lots of driving to do so couldn't spare the time ... well, that, and we were being lazy.

The picture of the Point I took yesterday shows the ruins of what was once a castle. The castle was built by Niall Mor McSwyne in the mid to late 15th century. The McSwynes were a warlike clan who came to Ireland from Scotland as gallowglasses (mercenary soldiers). Niall Mor McSwyne died on the 14th of December 1524 and is buried near his castle. The headstone from his grave can be seen encased in glass on the wall of St. Mary's Church in nearby Killybegs.

Beside the ruins is the small hotel and restaurant, Castlemurray House, which is a very popular spot with many who enjoy their fine food and hospitality and is a great asset to the area drawing as it does many people from all over Ireland.

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