Sunday, 6 April 2008

Beaches and Shorelines - Inver

About 3 miles/5 km away from Daisy Cottage is a beautiful beach at Inver. Inver is a tiny hamlet with just a few houses who's owners enjoy the enviable location of being just a few steps from this sandy beach. It is very peaceful there and any time we have been the beach has been deserted, save the odd person walking along it's sandy shoreline.

In the hamlet there is one bar, The Rising Tide, but it seems to keep rather obscure opening times because we have never found it to be open, but we will keep trying!

Past the bar there is the ruins of an old church and graveyard which is a great place to wander around in absolute peace and quite although I must warn that the ground is somewhat lumpy and pitted and with the long grass you could easily stumble - so should you explore there, take care.

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