Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fish and Chips!

After all our hard work driving around the area yesterday, measuring the rooms in Daisy Cottage, and the excitement of seeing the dolphins, we treated ourselves to a fish and chips in the village diner, Baskins Cafe.

This homely little diner served us well - we walked in from the freezing day outside where hailstones had now decided to fall, and into the warmth of the cafe.

They serve the usual options of burgers, chicken, and so on but given that they offer a fresh fish of the day we had to go for that. The fish of the day was haddock and when our order arrived we each had two big portions of perfectly cooked fish encased in a crispy batter along with scrummy fat chips. That along with a big pot of steaming hot tea, and bread and butter, made an absolutely delicious and very welcome meal. And all that for just under €18 for the two of us!

This wee diner is apparently a favourite of a certain famous American actress, SJP, who with her husband Matthew Broderick has a holiday home in a nearby village. I'm not sure if, given her incredibly slim figure, this means that the food there is totally fat free and without calories? I fear not, but believe me, the fresh fish and chips are worth the odd calorie!

UPDATE 16th May 2010
Recent guests commented in the guest book of Daisy Cottage that this diner should be give a Michelin star!

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