Thursday, 24 April 2008

Daisy Cottage renovation now under way!

The builders went in on Monday morning and as I can't be there during the week, I am getting daily updates on what is done. So far the ceilings upstairs are all out, the mishmash of doors are out, and the place is now stripped. Eeek! I know I want things to be done quickly but there is something unsettling about being off site and all this activity going on in Daisy Cottage. Mind you, having spent a lot of the past year with renovations going on here in our home I'm sort of glad of the distance.

The doorway into the living room and the door way into the kitchen/diner are to be raised as they are a bit too low for anyone nearing 6' and so both are to be raised, which sounds a major job to me, what with the very thick walls, but it has to be done so I'll just have to bite my nails and hope the house doesn't collapse!

The whole staircase is coming out too and this will then open up more space beneath to put in a door to enter the new bedroom/en suite to be. I now have to think about what sort of carpet to buy for the staircase. It will be the only part of the house with carpet as I think a wooden staircase is too dangerous. I think a pale carpet would be the job but then of course too pale is not at all practical. Oh dear, more decisions.

On the subject of flooring, luckily all the floors in the bedrooms upstairs have good solid wood floors hiding under the carpets and so these can be sanded and varnished. Downstairs we will fit wood floors in the living room, hall, kitchen/diner and new bedroom. While I had a notion to put tiles throughout the downstairs, I think wood is a better option as it is a lot warmer to walk on and will be more in fitting with an older house. So wood it is.

Hopefully we will get down at the weekend and see what's happening and take a few pics too. I'm so excited!

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