Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Daisy Cottage Renovations - 28 April 2008

We went to Daisy Cottage yesterday to catch up on what is happening there. Six (working) days into the renovations and things are moving pretty fast.

All the walls upstairs (bar one supporting wall) have been torn out and the rooms rejigged slightly to make them a more even size and so we now have four similar sized double rooms. The long narrow room which was at the top of the stairs has been divided to give us 2 en suites and in the picture with the lilac coloured wall above you can see the en suite to be for bedroom 2 with the en suite for bedroom 3 adjoining it in the background. The first 2 pictures show bedroom 1 and bedroom 2.
The tiny single bedroom (bedroom 4) has been made into a larger room simply by taking it's wall out to the staircase edge - the landing there served no purpose other than to enter the smallest room. The wall in the room next door (bedroom 3) has been moved too and so now the rooms are more equal in size and both doubles. The picture on the left above shows bedroom 4 before and on the right, as it is now ~ much more roomy.

The staircase is ready to come out for the new one to be put in ~ and not a moment before time. It seems that it was ready to collapse and only the carpet on it was saving someone crashing through it. Thank goodness I wasn't aware of that on my trips up and down it before! The above picture on the right is of the hall and staircase prior to works commencing and on the right as they were yesterday.

Downstairs the new doorway has been opened under the staircase. This was originally to lead to what was to be the downstairs bedroom and en suite but after much discussion with the building foreman yesterday we came to the conclusion that the room was too small and too dark to be a bedroom and so the room which it adjoins it, the second living room, (keep up!) will now be the downstairs bedroom and half of the original bedroom to be will be the en suite. The other half will be a walk in hot press for me to store sheets, towels, spare dishes etc. Great solution. The picture on the left shows the new hotpress space leading out through the new door opening into the hall and the picture on the right shows the downstairs en suite to be.
The kitchen is completely pulled out ~ it was pretty dire and not at all salvageable. I still haven't decided on what sort of kitchen to put in and am leaning toward freestanding units at the moment, but we will see. I'm sure I'll change my mind a hundred times between now and actually fitting a kitchen.

In the living room we were discussing the fireplace and what to do with it. I really did not want a conventional fireplace and the foreman said he and builder John (the boss) had been discussing it and came up with an idea for us. Keep the shape that is there, and face with sandstone which is quarried locally and then top with 2 railway sleepers. This is an excellent idea as the fireplace is quite large and should show off the work very well.
So, all in all we are delighted with the progress thus far. At this rate we are hoping it might just be finished in under the quoted 8 weeks. Impatient? Moi?

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