Sunday, 27 April 2008

No Dresser - Yet!

So. Saturday morning dawned, a beautiful sunny day and after breakfast it was off to the car boot sale. I'd spoken by phone to the dealers on the Friday night and they'd said they wouldn't be able to bring their big van and so no dresser, but that didn't stop the trip to the car boot sale! Once there I spotted the dealers who have the dresser and of course went over to check out their wares. Sadly, nothing of much of interest to me except a small glass doored cupboard. How much? €4. Four euro! Mine! A guy we know was looking through some old records 'our' dealers were selling and called to me 'you're supposed to haggle Catherine!' which I know is the idea, but as I replied to the guy - how can you haggle with someone who is practically GIVING the stuff away?

I haven't a clue what the cupboard will be used for or where it will go in Daisy Cottage but it was so pretty, not to mention a total bargain, I had to have it. It might look rather nice in a bathroom or maybe on a table in a bedroom, I don't know but I do know that it will look beautiful wherever it ends up.

I then wandered around the other stalls but once again, nothing of interest. I happend to evesdrop on a possible purchaser investigating a chaise longe. The seller was telling him what a good buy it was (as she would) and the purchaser was touching and moving the item to further investige it's condition. A while later I passed that way again and the same man was still there and this time had what I assume was his wife propped on the chaise, obviously trying to get her to agree to what a great buy it was. The same couple were still there nearly an hour later as we left! And was the chaise nice? No. It was absolutely vile. Firstly, I am no fan of these items and secondly it was covered in the most horrid dark red velvet sort of material. But I suppose that's what these places are about - what I hate another might love and what I love, another might hate. Someone could even be writing a blog right now on the 'horrid little cupboard some woman bought'. Of course, they'd be wrong - it's a lovely cupboard!

Himself found a stall selling cds and as we are totally out of cds (NOT!) he had to spend time there. Which was great for me - freedom to scour the glasses and dish stalls without someone beside me reminding me that we didn't need any more dishes. I did about 2 circuits of the cbs and saw nothing that attracted me. I was getting desperate ... surely there was a dish or a glass just waiting for a new home? Onwards I tavelled and still nothing. Passing himself I stopped to see how he was getting along but he was so engrossed in poking through the cds he only grunted. I was bored so I reminded him that the match (Chelsea -v- Man. Utd.) would be starting soon. That moved him and he paid up and off we walked, him clutching cds on their way to join the four thousand or so he already has, and me glumly empty handed (the little cupboard was already safely installed in the car).

And then I spotted something - a glass butter dish with lid, the sort which would have been seen on practically every Irish kitchen table years ago. They weren't expensive then and are not particularly collectable now but it was just the memories of childhood days of holiday in Ireland that endeared it to me. The stall owner was the same lady I'd bought the green glass ware etc. from two weeks earlier and we had a little chat and she was showing me old plates she had but I resisited. Not because I have learned to say 'no' to temptation but rather that they didn't interest me. I bought the butter dish for all of four euro and I'm delighted with it.

Later in the day my lovely neighbour (my pen name for her) popped in to see what I had purchased at the cbs. She love the cupboard and then I showed her my prized possession of the day, the butter dish. Now my lovely neighbour is in her seventies and she said she remembered as a child her mother having the same sort of butter dish. So cleary they are older than I thought. But it's still for everyday use of course and has already had it's first trip through the dishwasher cycle and survived.

And so, no dresser but I'm happy with my two purchases - and I only spent €8. Nice.

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