Saturday, 17 May 2008

Last Week's of Car Boot Sale

Still managing to hit the car boot sale!

Last week I got a few bits and pieces of pretty glass items (I wonder what an addiction to glass items is called?). A wander round the car boot sale resulted in the following items, some of which will be for Daisy Cottage and some will be for home. The total I spent was somewhere in the region of say €30 between various stalls ~ pretty good for all these pretty things!

The first picture here is of a set of blue glasses and a matching decanter. It was 6 glasses but the journey home saw the demise of 2 glasses! If I am only going to use them for display in Daisy Cottage then I can simple glue the broken bases of the 2 broken glasses and they will look fine. The entire set was only €6 and I bought them after the smart lady on the stall overheard me saying to my husband as we passed her stall 'oh, those blue glasses are pretty'. Quick as a flash she called after me: 'the set is only €6' and we laughed at her enterprise at catching a customer so quickly and of course went back and bought them. I commented on her quick thinking to catch my attention and she said that she'd been observing the woman on the stall next to her who was having roaring sales by, well roaring and she'd decided she'd give it a go too!

These two glass dishes will be ideal for crudite or even simply for display. The tray on the right is fairly old plain glass and the tray on the left is frosted with a wash of coloour on the leaves and the fruits.

I liked these little shot style glasses ~ not at all sure what I'll use them for and whether they will stay here or go to Daisy Cottage, but hey, they're cute!

This is a very pretty dish which I reckon is perhaps 1950s. I think it may be too delicate to be used for any real purpose other than just display but I love the colours and the hand painting on it.
At the same car boot sale I got a nearly new and in perfect condition chopping table. Solid wood and very heavy ~ it took 2 men to carry it to the car! It's one of those free standing affairs with a heavy wood block on top, 2 drawers under it and then a shelf and then a wine shelf. I asked the girl how much it was and she said 'well, it was €25 but you can have it for €20'. I can tell you I didn't hesitate for a second and took it. What a bargain. The same girl had the most doty little potter milk jug and sugar bowl - totally useless but very pretty. I also bought a wicker picnic hamper from her for €6 and this is now at the side of our range in the kitchen and stores the unsightlies like pokers, brushes, firelighters etc.
After the car boot sale we wandered around the town and for the first time saw the door of a local artist open. This guy I want to interview for my website ( He is enjoying a lot of success and was chosen to do the stone carving outside the old National Ballroom in Dublin. He also designed and carved the stone celtic cross now erected in the carpark outside Letterkenny's Cathedral. He did a series of stone carvings of famous musicians and my husband has long wanted the Jim Morrison (The Doors) one he did. We enquired about it but it was part of a set which he will never replicate, the others being Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. After some negotiation my husband, to my shock, purchased the set. They are amazing and unique I will grant you but the price, which I will not repeat here lest you pass out as I almost did, made me laugh at him telling me that I was crazy spending piddly little amounts at the car boot sale. A point which I intend to labour for EVERYTHING I buy FOREVER!!! I wouldn't mind but we have absolutely no wall in our house large enough to accommodate this set. Still, himself is a music fan and, like me ,loves art and particularly supporting Donegal artists, and so in reality I am glad he acquired such a valuable set.

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