Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Green Green Glass of Home ~ Car Boot Sale 17th May 2008

Today was very much the day of the Green Glass. It all started at the first stall I called at, a stall I have bought at most every week since I ventured to the car boot sale. I saw this set of frosted green glass and thought it would be so pretty on a dressing table in Daisy Cottage. Like all of the glass I bought today it would date from around the 1950s. These along with 2 other odds and ends of green glass I bought for €15 from this lady. Oh, and this little pottery veggie dish was another item I just couldn't leave behind!

Next I came across this little glass vase (on the right in the pic) on another stall ~ €3! Then at my 'dresser people' (said dresser not yet purchased!), I found the glass vase on the left here. At the same stall I spotted 2 very old brown ceramic mixing bowls of the sort most houses would have had years ago. One was about 30 years old and I think the other, larger one, is very much older. I think I will keep the bowls at home as they are quite special. Maybe one will go to Daisy Cottage ~ we will see. Anyway, I asked how much for the 2 bowls and the glass vase. The guy said to the woman 'you say a price and I'll say less'. She said €20. He said €10. Nice one. Oh, and the dresser may appear next week but I fear with the units I have chosen for the kitchen it may not now fit but knowing me, if it is pretty enough, I WILL find a space for it!

At another stall and on the way back to the car and (my purchases ostensibly finished), I spotted this little jam dish which will go perfectly with the butter dish I found a couple of weeks ago. It is a lovely salmony pink shade with a fleur de lis pattern.
I found this green carnival glass vase which was a bit dearer ~ €12 but as it was the day of the Green Glass and all that ... And just for a change, I got this Cornish ware milk jug (€9) which I just love and will use in my kitchen here at home.

My prize purchase this week was this art deco cut glass perfume bottle which will take it's place on my dressing table here at home. It stands about 6 to 7" high and cost me €20 and I just love it.

And I also love car boot sales!


Mick T. said...

Where was the car boot sale?

Catherine McGlynn said...

Hi Mick
The carboot sale we go to is the one in Letterkenny. It starts very early on a Saturday morning and finishes around 2 or 3 pm.