Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Best Time to Visit Ireland

I've often said that the best time to visit Ireland is the months of May or September. The reason I know for a fact that these months have the best weather is that himself's birthday is in May and our anniversary is in September and for years we have celebrated these occasions with outdoor parties. And this year so far has cemented my idea. For the past two weeks here in Donegal I have recorded temperatures each day outside our house on my thermometer and the average temp was around 27 centigrade (80.6 f ), with a high of 31 degrees.

We have managed to eat outside most evenings this month and even had a dinner party outside last Saturday where we were able to dine around 9pm and then sit on and chat afterwards until the early hours in a perfect heat.

Indeed the heat began to get a little uncomfortable which most of those abroad would not believe could be the case in Ireland, but believe me, it was!

Added to that we now have daylight until around 11pm.

So, you can see May is indeed a great month to visit!

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