Monday, 9 March 2009


I went shopping for dishes etc. in a cash & carry wholesalers on my way back from Dublin last week. I wanted to check on what was avaiable and what suited us. So, I managed to find some very nice white dishes which I'm going to go for. Then myself and husband decided to go into the 'glasses' area. My plan was to buy wine glasses and tumblers for juice and other drinks. But the array of what was a available was vast - a very bad thing for me! Too many choices, too many 'ooo, I could buy those, and those, and those ...' and convince myself that Daisy Cottage NEEDS all these glasses. And true to form that is what happened. The guy coming around with us thought I was slightly mad to have such a choice of glasses for a holiday rental, but hey ho.

So, we found some very acceptable wine glasses ~ not too big, but certainly not those tooty wee glasses you sometimes still see in cafes. Ok, wine glasses. Check. Next we need tumblers but after much discussion we went for 'high balls'. These are suitable for juice, long cool drinks with room for ice and of course g&ts (total necessity in any civilised house in my opinion). Ok g&t glasses sorted.

Next up, I wanted Irish coffee mugs. The man really thought I'd lost the plot here. But think about it, would you want to drink an Irish coffee out of a pottery mug. Of course not! So Irish coffee glasses. Check.

And a must have - champagne glasses. At this stage the man said 'just how much are you charging for this holiday rental!!!?'. But, undeterred, I insisted we would need them. Look, when people are on their holidays they might decide to open a bottle of fizz and just where would they be without champagne glasses! Stuck. That's where! So our guests will be able to open bottles of fizz at will. Well, providing they bring it with them ~ I'm not that magnanimous!

And brandy glasses - a nice brandy in front of the fire after a relaxing meal. Perfect way to end the evening.

I also decided we absolutely need sundae glasses and purchased a box of them. Well, you know how nice they will look filled with fruit and ice cream on a sunny day.

And on the subject of glasses, of another kind. I was in one of those pound shops or euro shops and saw these spectacles of varying degrees of strength. I thought it would be a good idea to buy a number of different pairs to leave in Daisy Cottage for use by any guest who might have forgotten his or her specs. I can't get over the idea of pay a couple of euro for a pair of spectacles - how good is that?

So, Daisy Cottage is now well stocked with all the glasses a person could need.

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