Monday, 9 March 2009


I love the colour red. Bright, vibrant cherry red. And as a result I have bought a number of items in this glorious colour for Daisy Cottage. It all started so innocently ~ I saw a red leather (not real leather for those of you who are against animals being skinned for sofas) suite for the living room and thought 'perfect'. When I had that bought I thought the red 'chandellier' style lamp shade I have in our side hall here at home would go perfectly and in due course this will be 'stolen' from it's current location and moved to Daisy Cottage.


Then my mum bought a new carpet for her living room and it is the most wonderful red. Initially I was going to go for a more neutral cappuccino coloured carpet for the stairs but once I saw the one my mum bought I thought it would be perfect for Daisy Cottage. Anyone standing in the hall in Daisy Cottage can see throught the glass door into the living room and the red sofa and I thought that along with the black and white tiles in the hall, a cherry red carpet, like my mums, on the stairs would be the thing to bring it all together.

So on Saturday I went searching for a red carpet and although the store didn't have the exact carpet my mum has, they had a less expensive one but in an equally bright red. I'm not sure whether or not the idea of a scarlet stair carpet would alarm some but I'm sure with the netural wall colour, the black and white tiles, and the age of the house it will look just gorgeous and in keeping.


The red has spread through to the kitchen diner a little too. I found these really nice ceramic jars for tea, coffee, and sugar. They are plain white with a red lid and a pretty red poppy painted on the side. Lovely.

And then at the weekend I had the good luck to acquire from a friend, free of charge, a kitchen press. It is one of those old type from around the '50s/'60s ~ you might know the kind ~ where you pulled down a leaf 'to butter the bread'.

Anyway, I had the idea to paint it in scarlet, glossy paint. And in doing that, I don't think I'm far from the traditional cupboards. I remember my great-uncles having one in their kitchen and it was painted bright blue and in my husband's home as a child they had one in blue and white and at another time a yellow one. For me it's going to be scarlet. I think inside I will cover the shelves with red & white gingham style sticky back plastic (this was traditional too).

My scarlet cupboard will be a splash of lively colour against an otherwise quite neutral background. Plus it will give me extra storage space for all those flipping glasses I just had to have!

UPDATE: I have to have a highchair in the house both for our own use and for guests who may bring babies. But what I didn't want was one of those light, and in my opinion, unsafe highchairs of course and I found a commercial highchair for use in cafes/restaurants. It's made by Rubbermaid, has a wide leg base so very stable, it's made of moulded rubber and very tough and very easy to clean, and best of all, my catering company emailed me today to say they have it in ~ you've guessed it ~ red. Perfect.

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