Monday, 9 March 2009


Attend the car boot sale that is.

I have to come clean and admit that I have been a couple of times recently. Is there such a thing as CBA ~ Car Boot Anonymous, if so, my name is Catherine ... and I am a car boot addict.

And here comes the excuse: what happened was that I wanted voile for the windows in Daisy Cottage and I remembered dealing with a lady at our local car boot a number of years ago when I was looking for a large amount of voile. So, off we went a couple of Saturdays ago ostensibly to find voile at good prices.

Of course I had to visit 'our woman' (I would call her 'our lady' but that is a totally different person to many), anyway, i refer to the lovely lady who runs the stall I like best. And there she was, just where we'd left her with (hopefully) lots of goodies for me to buy I thought. Husband had a good old moan on the way to the stall "gonna give her a heap of the stuff you have lying in boxes" grumble, grumble, grumble, and so on.

Sadly there wasn't lots of things I was interested in but I did find these dotey fairy reliefs. Is that the correct term? Sounds right to me but I'm not 100% sure. Okay, the one on the right has slightly dodgy looking legs but we're not all perfect.

I also bought this cute litte ornament because I love blue tits ~ we always hang bags of nuts outside our house and it is such a joy to watch the blue tits feeding. The funny thing about this ornament is that my mum has a penchant for similar ornaments and for many years my attitude to these things was a, granted childish, 'YUK'. They say you become like your mother, but they are referring to looks, but it seems that as I already do look like my mother, I am now developing her love of the twee! Hey ho, that's the way it goes it seems! And I could do worse ~ she's not that bad, well actually she's pretty great. Her taste in ornaments however can be dodgy ~ and now I'm heading that way too!

I'm not sure if these pieces will go to Daisy Cottage or stay here but we'll see.

As an aside, for all his moaning about car boot sales, my husband still manages to acquire all sorts of rubbish whilst there. Well, I call it rubbish ~ cds for instance when he already owns something like 5,000 cds, and books, when we have a house coming down with books! Which, yes, is a bit rich coming from someone who is addicted to buying knick-knacks when I have a house, an attic and a storage unit packed with the stuff. But in my case I NEED these things. Who needs cds I ask myself! But I don't mind his buying them ~ it keeps him busy while I wander around checking incase there is anything I NEED.

So, after leaving 'our woman', I went in search of 'the lady with the voile', but could I find her? No! I was up and down the lanes and not a sign of her.

Then it started raining and as I'd only done my hair before leaving home and it was beautifully curl free having used my trusty ghds, rain was the last thing I wanted. Panic! But nearby I spotted a stall with a cover and sought refuge there with the intention of pretending to browse the curtains and so on the seller had. And guess who popped out of the car attached to the covered stall ~ yes, my voile lady. I told her what I was looking for (whilst remaining firmly within the safety of her cover from the rain). She didn't have any voile with her but we had great craic as she tried and tried and tried again to sell me curtains!

I said 'nope, no curtains'. And still she tried. I was laughing at her attempts to achieve a sale, it really was funny. The curtains were so not what I would want. Firstly, I'm not a 'curtain' person ~ we don't have even one pair here at home, and secondly the colours she was proferring ... vile is the word that springs to mind (of course I didn't say that because I would not insult her, but I still thought it). But she did her sales speel in such a good humoured way you didn't feel at all pressured and a lot of it was very tongue in cheek. Honestly, this woman could sell snow to Eskimos she's that good! I actually purchased a fireside rug from her ~ not for me but for my mother, she loves that sort of thing. The woman was happy, I was happy, and later my mum was happy. It's all good!

Back to the voile, the whole point, my voile lady said she'd do her best to have voile the following Saturday. Yippee, I thought, another excuse to come back to the car boot! Reee-sult!

So last Saturday back we went. Only to buy voile you understand. But it would have been be so ungracious not to call to say hello to 'our woman'.

'Our woman', sadly for me and gladly for he, hadn't a lot I wanted. But I did find another relief. I must be into reliefs at the moment. Weird. But this one will be perfect for Daisy Cottage don't you think?

Actually, writing here and taking the pics to add, I have just noticed that the relief of faries and the relief of the poultry have daisies on. Subconsciously picking things with Daisy Cottage in mind I reckon.

She also had some bookends that I wasn't sure about but being stuck for anything else to buy, I got them. Now I'm happy I did. I think they will look nice in Daisy Cottage, perhaps in the window of the living room ~ the window ledges in Daisy Cottage are nearly all very deep, maybe 16" deep - something like that, but certainly wide enough to easily accommodate my bookends and a few books.

Perhaps the close ups of the bookends above are pics of me and he in our dotage? Although even his dotage I can't imagine himself with high waisted red trousers!

Wandering around last Saturday I spotted this brass object on another stall. I thought it was a book holder and thought it would be so perfect for Daisy Cottage. You know, sitting proudly on the worktop holding open a recipe book?

Later on Saturday our great friend was over and I was showing him our purchases. I produced this and said 'isn't this a great book holder'. He laughed and said, no, Catherine, it is NOT book holder. Cue puzzled look. It seems it is actually a thing (sorry no name) for holding either a nice painting or a mirror perhaps. You learn something new every day. But I was megga annoyed! I don't need a mirror holder! Or a painting holder for that matter! But then it struck me! My relief of the rooster and poultry might look very nice on it. And it would look super in the diner window in the kitchen/diner of Daisy Cottage. Perfect.

And all's well that ends well. I have the bits and bobs I didn't actually want but am now glad I got. And another excuse back to next weeks car boot sale!

Oh, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE car boot sales!

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