Monday, 2 March 2009


We went to Daisy Cottage yesterday and as those who read this blog will know, I always have my camera handy. Sometimes, to pass the time, I take pics of our Irish roads. Perhaps I need to get out more when I get out!

Anyway, as it happens, yesterday's pics show our Irish weather so well. We left Letterkeny with blue skies, sunshine and fluffy white clouds, a mile or two out of town grey rain clouds were gathering and so we had rain shortly thereafter which lasted for about half an hour of our journey.

Nearing Donegal Town the rain was coming down in torrents and, much to the amusement of our grandson in the back of the car, I started saying: blue skies - no rain repeatedly whilst waving my arms around as if casting a spell. He thought this very funny - until, as I had hoped, blue skies came back loudly supported by lots of sunshine! While I reluctantly have to admit it wasn't my skill with the weather that brought back the blue skies ('though I do believe in positive thought in such things), it certainly shows how quickly our weather changes.

Above I have added a series of pics taken along our journey which takes us from Letterkenny to the Ballybofey road, then onto Barnes Mor gap and on to the road near Dunkineely with the sea alongside. These show not only our changebale weather, but also our very varying road widths from 2 lane nearer larger towns to smaller country roads.


Joseph said...

Yes the weather is one of the great "things" about being in Ireland, no 2 days are the same, and mix in a sea view and it can be spectacular! Al Fresco.

Catherine McGlynn said...

And sometimes no 2 HOURS of our weather are the same. :-)