Wednesday, 15 April 2009



At long, long, long last we got to stay in Daisy Cottage.

Last weekend, being Easter weekend and with a few days off, we decided that we would stay over in Daisy Cottage.

I had picked 'our' bedroom after we first purchased the house four or so years ago. And even though it is not the largest, we still chose that as our choice.

This is the bedroom we chose:

This is the master bedroom:

And one of the twin bedded rooms:

I'm glad to report that it was totally comfortable, the heating works a dream ~ I switched it on and within a very short time the bedrooms were toasty warm. I ended up having to open the window during the night! It seems the old, thick walls (they're about 2' thick) holds the heat much better than our own home.

We arrived on the Saturday evening having spent hours earlier in the day packing the car with stuff we needed for the house. Our intention had been to get there early but that was impossible by the time we had everything gathered up and packed. We were like the Beverly Hillbillies leaving Letterkenny!

When we arrived at Daisy Cottage it took about an hour to unload and by that time it was getting late. We had intended to pay a night time visit to our neighbouring pub but by the time we had the living room tidied and arranged again, the fire lit, the bed made, the kitchen cleared a bit, it was too late to be bothered. But we did enjoy a rather nice bottle of chilled champagne, brought specially to celebrate our first stay in Daisy Cottage.

I noted the date on the cork and it now sits inside the cabinet in the living room! Awww ...

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