Wednesday, 15 April 2009


A couple of weekends ago we were down Daisy Cottage way, doing our usual ~ taking photographs. We decided to eat in Killybegs in a restaurant we'd enjoyed before and I'm glad to report it is still as good. It is called 22 Main Street and enjoys a great position down a pretty little alley with views from the back of the restaurant over Killybegs.

We had our eldest grandson with us who just loves getting a trip out with catrin (his name for me) and pa (his name for my husband). Husband and I were clicking away taking pics of the boats in the harbour and grandson, bubba ~ my name for him, decided that he too would like to take pics. We had a spare camera in the car that my husband uses for work so after a little persuasion from me, he let bubba use it. It was really funny to see his tiny little hands working the camera ~ he's only six but boy does he learn quickly. He mastered the zoom and focus within seconds and off he went snapping away. It was quite a funny scene I'm sure, 2 adults and a little boy lined up taking pics of the boats, and all fully concentrated on the job in hand.

So after hours of wandering around taking our photographs we took ourselves up to 22 Main Street. Great welcome, friendly staff and so comfortable. The have a tented effect on part of the ceiling of the dining room and it looks really nice with the twinkling lights around it.

The bill for the delicious meal consisting of lots of fresh fish for us (2 starters, 2 main courses) and a very fine homemade pizza for bubba, 3 desserts (all homemade too), 2 cokes, 2 glasses of wine, 2 mineral waters, an americano and a cappuccino ~ €80! Now THAT is value for money.

This weekend my husband and I ate at a little bar in the adjoining village of Mountcharles, The Village Tavern. Once again a great welcome and friendly staff. I had a seafood cocktail to start with (delicious fresh fish - salmon, smoked haddock, prawns etc.), he had a seafood chowder. Mains were for me shank of lamb (melted off the bone) and for him breast of chicken wrapped in bacon in a mustardgrain sauce, all of which along with 4 mineral waters and one cappuccion came to €50. Again excellent value.

On Monday we were tired having done so much work in Daisy Cottage we were too lazy to cook and took ourselves off across the road from Daisy Cottage to Baskins Diner. A lovely young chap served us and we each enjoyed a meal of scampi and chips which at €4.20 a head was again excellent value.

There are still many restaurants in the area to explore but if they all prove to be of a similar standard and similar value then both we and our future guests in Daisy Cottage are sorted for eating out.

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