Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Easter Sunday was a spectacular day weatherwise in Donegal. We stayed down in Daisy Cottage and had intended to do work in the house that day but the turquoise skies beckoned and off we went, cameras in hand. And am I glad we did. The scenery in that area is wonderful and the sunshine only serves to enhance it further.

Around the corner from Daisy Cottage is St. John's Point, which at around 5 or 6 miles long is one of the longest promontories in Ireland. Under a mile from Daisy Cottage you see the ruins of MacSwynes Castle sitting on a little ledge on MacSwynes Bay. The road is narrow but so pretty and it is almost overwhelmingly tempting to stop the car every few yards to soak up the views.

Moving on, you come to the little Coral Beach where once again we were provided with spectacular scenery. There were a few people on the beach but not many as it is one of those secret places very few people know about. The weather was very warm and some of those on the beach were enjoying picnics, or diving and snorkelling, or simply taking in the view. A flock of Brent Geese were enjoying a little dip in the water too and were not even slightly perturbed by the people around them.

Further along the road you come to the tip of St. John's Point and the lighthouse. Looking forward you see the Atlantic Ocean stretching out to the horizon, to your right you have views across MacSwynes Bay to Killybegs and to the left you have views over Donegal Bay to Benbulben in County Sligo. If you gaze back you see nothing but open space all the way back along the point. It is 360 degrees of beautiful scenery.

On Sunday there were quite a number of people enjoying the good weather and the views along with many people down to enjoying the excellent diving into the almost crystal clear waters right down at the end of the point.

The Lighthouse and Atlantic Beyond:

The View Across MacSwynes Bay to Killybegs:

The View Across Donegal Bay to Benbulben, Sligo:

It truly is Paradise.

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