Thursday, 11 June 2009


I never noticed this before but I can actually see the sea from Daisy Cottage. I first noticed it during the winter when the branches on the trees in the garden were bare. However, I don't think I will be advertising 'Cottage with a Sea View'. And here's why.

In order to enjoy this view, one must go to the very back of the orchard garden, part the tree branches and stand on tip toes and then you have the sea view. And while it is lovely and you can see the sea, it does not really constitute a sea view which I, and no doubt most others, would think of as a view from a window or at least very easily seen! So, no there will be no ad. telling of a sea view. It will be a little secret guests can discover for themselves. However, it does show how near the sea is to Daisy Cottage which even I hadn't realised, being slightly challenged in working out maps and proximities!

Another thing I discovered whilst on tip toes taking pics of the sea from the back of the orchard, is that I can see Benbulben (a mountain) in County Sligo!

I think we might need to erect a viewing platform in the orchard where both we and our guests could enjoy the view.

Either that or build a roof terrace ...

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