Tuesday, 27 April 2010


It was lovely to see the trees and bushes budding in the orchard garden of Daisy Cottage last week.  The garden faces south so has sunshine for most of the day, which is great and the brief visit of the apple blossom is something I look forward to every year.

I have now made all the bunting for the G.O.U.C. (great outdoors under cover).  It's a bit of a trial cutting the triangles of cloth and then sewing each one onto the tape but I managed to get my son and daughter-in-law-to-be to cut out the triangles which left me with only the sewing.  Clever me.  I know you can buy pre-made bunting but I kind of like picking my own colours, hence all the work.  So last week, very early one morning, I managed to get my husband to take a ladder and attach all my lovely brightly coloured bunting around the G.O.U.C.  As we were putting the bunting up (or as he was putting the bunting up and I was supervising ...) we heard a voice over the dividing wall.  It was the guy next doors father, also up and about very early, staining the new tables and benches for their outdoor area of the pub.  We had a little chat in the already hot morning sunshine ~ he's a lovely guy ~ and then continued on with our work, and he his. 

After all the bunting was up, we stood back to admire it ~ and I have to say, I was delighted.  Bunting always makes me think of parties and happy times and so I wanted to use it in Daisy Cottage so that our guests can feel in a party, happy, upbeat mood whilst staying there.

Yeah! The bunting is up!

So, the bunting up, next job was to cover both outdoor tables with oil cloth.  Himself first lined the table with thick oil cloth underlay and then added the pretty green and white checked oil cloth I had bought for them to match the green stain on the wood of the G.O.U.C.  They look super and will be very comfortable to sit at either dining al fresco or simply enjoying a relaxing drink as the sun goes down over MacSwynes Bay. 

In one of the shops in Letterkenny a few weeks ago I found two cream coloured metal candle holders in a Moorish design which I rather liked.  So I purchased them for Daisy Cottage and they look great on the newly covered outdoor tables, added to which they will throw off a soft light after dark for anyone sitting there.

One of our pretty candle holders

The next thing we have to do is have a large barbeque built but that might not be for a while yet so we and our guests will in the meantime just use the bbq unit we have there. 

Another thing we want to have done is have a platform built at the end of the garden where guests can grab a seat and sit and watch the magical sunsets over the Bay.  I can hardly wait to have that built but it might not be for some time yet as we have to design it in consultation with the garden furniture maker and then wait for it to be built and put up.  Fingers crossed we will have it before the end of summer.

All in all, I think the G.O.U.C. and the orchard garden are now ready to go for a long summer of happy days and relaxed evening al fresco.

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