Sunday, 2 May 2010


Waiting for our guests to arrive on Friday evening last, we took time to sit and enjoy the outdoors area of Daisy Cottage.  The sun was starting to go down and casting a warm glow over the garden, the birds were tweeting in the trees ~ happy, I imagine, to have the security of all the leaves which have covered the trees in the past couple of weeks and everything looked so perfect.

Dinner is served!

Himself was hanging containers of nuts around the place so that the birds still have an easy food source, but selfishly too because I love taking photos of the birds in the garden.

I noticed last week we now have ring necked Doves in the garden.  We used to have these lovely birds at our home in Letterkenny but the big storm of some years back blew down their trees and they moved to other trees nearby.  So you can imagine how happy I am to be able to see Doves in Daisy Cottage.  Their soft cooing is very peaceful and they are so pretty to look at.  I had my camera with me (what's new!) as we sat there and was rewarded with one of "our" doves landing on a branch in the garden.

One of "our" ring necked doves in Daisy Cottage orchard

Close up of "our" ring necked dove

All around the property everything is growing ~ the grass in the orchard is growing at a crazy rate.  It was only cut a week ago and already it is up higher than it was prior to that cut.  I don't really mind though because it gives the little daisies a chance to pop their heads up to the sun.  And the dandelions too ~ lucky I don't mind weeds eh?  Not that I consider dandelions and daisies weeds, but I know many do.  For those of you who like me love daisies, just set the cutters a little higher on the mower and you can have a fairly short grassy area but still with daisies.

One weeks growth!

I am glad to see too that the clematis plants I planted on the wall behind the G.O.UC. (Great Outdoors Under Cover) are budding like mad.  Himself nipped out to the hardwlare store and bought some green mesh which he will attach to the wooden fence above the wall and then I can just entice the tendrils of the clematis to take hold and we should have a 'wall' of creamy white Montana flowers very soon.

Buds on the clematis getting ready to flower

As I've said before on this blog, I love the apple blossom and the trees in the orchard garden are just popping out gazzilions of buds at the moment, hopefully a sign of lots of apples to follow in the autumn.  But before that we can enjoy lots of flowers very soon.

Apple blossom buds and blue skies in Daisy Cottage

Don't you all just love Spring?

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