Sunday, 11 April 2010


At last I have a washing line in Daisy Cottage! 
Yesterday evening, after much debate about the best location for the washing line, himself finally attached the unit for the line to the building where the games loft is so that it can run under the Great Outdoors Under Cover (G.O.U.C.) so that washing can dry even in the event of rain.  And incase anyone is thinking 'a washing line where one might sit out enjoying the weather?' I can quickly set your mind at ease and tell you it is retractable so is only there when needed and whizzed back into it's unit at the flick of a switch when the G.O.U.C. is being used for dining al fresco or just relaxing.

So last night at about 11.30, new line in place, I hung out all my white pillow cases (a Saturday night and I'm doing washing?!).  But, happy in the knowledge they would be dry by morning and ready to iron, up they went.  I went out this morning to take the pillow cases in only to find the washing line had escaped it's mooring and my snowy white pillow cases were all lying on the paving stones of the G.O.U.C.  Husband was duly despatched to see if the line was faulty or what had caused this mess.  We've got the same one at home and it holds miles of heavy towels without a bother, so there was something amiss with this new one which seemed unable to hold a dozen or so pillow cases.  But all is well ~ it seems the end bit of the line had slipped through it's little holder so he fixed it much tighter and now we are all go again.

Daisy Cottage sheets drying in the Donegal sunshine

Now the pillow cases are enjoying another hurdy gurdy in suds in the washing machine and in their place on the new line are the sheets, hanging in the warm Donegal sunshine to dry and pegged on with the prettiest pegs I have ever seen.  I call them tutti frutti pegs because of their lovely colours.  I think all this washing has completely gone to my head when I find myself admiring clothes pegs!  But they are sweet and they come in a cute little basket which loops over the line for ease of use.  Pretty cool as clothes pegs and peg baskets go you must admit.

Cute little tutti fruitti pegs nestle in their basket

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