Thursday, 27 January 2011


The Red Sofa
Our beautiful red sofa in Daisy Cottage sadly did not last as long as we would have expected and so at Christmas we had to say goodbye to it.

When I chose the sofa (well, the 3 sofas actually) I chose it primarily because I loved the colour.  Yes, it wasn't leather but I thought perhaps that was better.  It wasn't.  The covering was not as durable as leather is and one of the sofas started to look a little less than perfect in the last couple of months.

So I rang the sofa store and explained what had happened.  Luckily they put up no fight and agreed to credit me that amount towards a new sofa set.  In the store we were helped choose by a very knowledgeable woman who explained things about sofas I never knew.

After much debate and sitting on various sofas, testing the comfort levels we settled on a very nice and very soft leather set (for a considerable extra cost!).  I went back to black as is my wont, red not being available.  The large red cushions I had in Daisy Cottage look lovely and bright against the black background and to give a further dash of red I added scarlet ribbons to each of the lamps on the mantlepiece.

And so I introduce 'The New Sofa':

The New Sofa
As a footnote, after spending a couple of days in Daisy Cottage recently, I can report that the new sofa is even more comfortable than my lovely old red one.

And I smile when I type 'The New Sofa' as Christmas the year before our new sofa brought an excellent Christmas special from my favourite TV family, the Royale Family.  The show was called The New Sofa and was about Denise and Dave inviting the family round for Christmas dinner.  For those who have ever watched the show, Denise is the very lazy daughter of Jim and Barbara Royale.  Watch the clip on the link here and I guarantee it will make you at least smile if not laugh out loud.

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