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Relaxing time is very important to us in Daisy Cottage.  Yes, there are many places to visit in the area, beautiful sights to see, maybe a spot of golf or fishing to do, horse riding or days at one of the many sandy beaches.  But sometimes during the course of a week or a fortnight or even in the evenings there will be times when our guests might just want to chill out around the house.

One very popular aspect of Daisy Cottage is the games loft.  Mums in particular report that it was great to have it for both the kids ... and the menfolk!  The games loft has a pool table which turn to an air hockey table when wanted.  We have a darts board there too and downstairs there is a football table which from my own knowledge, is a great hit with adult boys (and husbands too!).  

From our Guest Book:

"The kids enjoyed the games room and the wii."

And from one of our younger guests:

"Loved the games room."

The Games Loft of Daisy Cottage

Inside Daisy Cottage there are lots of ways to relax.  We have stocked the bookcase with lots of books from novels to factual and reference books and even a few autobiographies. 

I noticed that some novels change without my changing them and realised why after a moments thought.  Obviously guests in the middle of a novel don't want to leave it on their last day with us and so take it home, leaving in it's place another novel they have finished.  This is perfectly fine by me as it keeps the book stock refreshed and gives me more novels to read to boot!

There are board games and even a wii games console.  And for those who want to take time to watch a film, we have a large selection of thrillers, feel good films and childrens' DVDs to enjoy.

And if music is your thing to help relax then we are happy to say we provide a good selection of Cd's to listen to too.

And as every parent knows, teenagers (and I have to admit, adults like myself) are lost nowadays if they haven't internet access so we have free broadband access in Daisy Cottage together with a computer for use by our guests. 

Daisy Cottage ~ Computer Station
with free broadband access and ipod docking station
At the computer station we have what many people really need these days and that is a docking station for an ipod.  I know from guests arriving that they are delighted to have this facility in the house to save them carrying one with them.

Of course one of the added benefits of having the internet in Daisy Cottage is that while relaxing our guests can also search either our Daisy Cottage website or search engines for things to do and places to visit in the area during their stay.  So it has a double benefit.

One of my favourite relaxing things to do in Daisy Cottage is to eat a meal and enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine outside on the paved patio which is covered over so that even if there is a fall of rain it doesn't ruin the moment. 

Al fresco dining at Daisy Cottage

On a lovely summer's evening after a day out exploring the many beautiful areas of Donegal, there is nothing nicer than to put together a simple meal or even a barbecue and sit outside discussing the day just gone and the plans for the days to come.

Later our guests can enjoy a guaranteed comfortable night, relaxing for the day ahead, in our beds.  We made sure to use good quality matresses, pillows and bedding on our beds as we know a good night's sleep is vital, and afterall on average a third of the time spent on holiday, as in day to day life, is spent in bed so why not make that one third as great as the other two thirds in Daisy Cottage.

Comfortable and relaxing nights in Daisy Cottage

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