Wednesday, 4 May 2011


For those who enjoy a spot of fishing Donegal is one of the best places in Ireland given the abundance of lakes, rivers and hundreds of miles of coastline to fish from. 

In the area around Daisy Cottage there are many places to fish and best of all if you want to do shore fishing, it's totally free.  You could wander along the shore of St. John's Point nearby where it is almost guaranteed you will catch fish so rich is it in marine life.  Incidentally, for those who enjoy diving, the waters off St. John's Point are some of the clearest in Europe and you can dive up to 40 m.

You can also visit local beaches where fishing along the shoreline is often seen.

Fish from the sea
In the area around Daisy Cottage there are many places to fish and best of all if you want to do shore fishing it's totally free.  It is also free to fish in the lakes which are not stocked by a fishing club ~ if  a lake is stocked by a fishing club then you can purchase a permit to allow you to fish there. 

Lake fishing in Donegal

The only place you must pay is if you wish to fish the rivers. Fishing here requires a government fishing licence (available in a fishing shop beside Daisy Cottage) and then a permit from the club who has rights of the part of the river you wish to fish. Some rivers have a catch and throw policy where you can catch for sport but not for taking your catch away with you. This is obviously to preserve and increase stocks. Salmon fishing is also available and once again a gov and a permit will be required and fishing for salmon is only allowed during the months on June, July, August and September.

Fishing rods in O'Neills

O'Neills in Dunkineely (beside Daisy Cottage) has a great stock of everything you could possibly need to enjoy a spot of fishing including rods, lines, hooks, live bait, and even nets and they will even supply a rod, reel, line and hook already made up and ready go (prices for these complete sets start at only €30).

They are well qualified to assist and guide anyone needing help in what bait or hooks or any other fishing equipment needed and will even suggest the best times and places to fish.

O'Neills also sell various other items to do with sea sports including canoe/kayaks, flippers and so on.  One of the owners is also an expert deep sea diver and can advise on diving in the waters around Dunkineely and other spots in County Donegal.


Tom Fawls said...

I'm not much of a fisherman, Catherine, but reading this makes me want to go blow the dust off my wife's rod and reel and try my hand!

Tom F.

Catherine McGlynn said...

Don't bother Tom ~ just come to Donegal and I have 2 rods in Daisy Cottage you and Mrs. Tom can use.