Monday, 2 May 2011


Outside the back door of Daisy Cottage and in front of the ramped access to the house there is a little plot of ground which I have thought for a while would make a perfect little seating area for one or two of our guests to enjoy the morning sun, perhaps browsing the newspapers from the village store or maybe catching up on a novel. 

Yes, we do of course have the G.O.U.C. (great outdoors under cover), the large covered patio area which easily seats 12 people but this new area was to be just another area of Daisy Cottage for guests to enjoy.  Another facet as it were.

HOT at Daisy Cottage 1st May 2011
The back of Daisy Cottage is south facing and it gets sunshine all day long so this little oasis would be a perfect sun-trap for those who enjoy the sun.  For instance the temperature outside the back of the house yesterday was nearly 30 centigrade ~ about 80 farenheit!

I thought too that on a warm evening it would be the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine in the peace and quiet of a little Donegal village, but yet in privacy secluded as it is from passers-by.

So a couple of weeks ago we went to the local hardware store near Daisy Cottage and found some perfect sandstone paving stones to pave the area.  These were duly fitted by one of our friends and we were delighted with the result.  The soft, warm colour of the sandstone is easy on the eye and matches in with the sunshine yellow of the walls of the house.

The new table and chairs at Daisy Cottage
Next up came finding a table and chairs to place there.  We debated about what style we would go for.  The wooden "solid" chair-table-chair combo was an option but then we thought it is restricting in that to move a seat, the whole thing has to be moved.  So we decided on a table and two chairs and found the perfect seats and table locally.  Some of the sets were rather light but the table and chairs we bought are sturdy and the seats comfortable.  The lightly tinted glass top on the table matches perfectly the sandstone paving below too.

A perfect little suntrap at Daisy Cottage
To complete the little seating area we bought a white flowering climbing hydranga which once established will wander up the wall and give us a fine display of pretty white flowers during the summer.

Chilling with chilled orange juice
Once everything was set up yesterday we took a break and sat out in our new little seating area in the hot sunshine to enjoy the results of our labours.  A big jug of orange juice with lots of ice and with some slices of oranges and lemons cut into it, two glasses to drink the refreshing orange juice from and a bowl of chilled grapes from the fridge helped cool us off a tiny bit.  It was so perfect and just exactly as I had envisaged. 

Sitting there, enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and peace I noticed the apple trees in the garden of Daisy Cottage in full bloom and reluctantly dragged myself away from the comfort of the new chair to wandered down to pick a sprig of the pretty apple blossom, returning with it to drink my orange juice.

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