Sunday, 11 January 2009

JANUARY 2009 ~ The Bedrooms

So, after renovations we have ended up with 5 bedrooms. One on the ground floor and 4 upstairs. The bedroom on the groundfloor is a double bedded room with walk in wet room en suite attached. There is a ramp from the back yard to the back door and a ramp from the back door to the bedroom in order to have one bedroom which is suitable for those less able for stairs.

Upstairs we have 2 double bedded rooms, both en suite (showers), and two twin bedded rooms. There is also a family bathroom with a bath.

I have taken ages to source suitable furniture. Monetary constraints were leading me to flat pack furniture but on consideration I think that my option to go for stronger furniture is the best one. I know it works out way more expensive but at least the furniture we have chosen is strong and looks very well too. I have chosen a heavy dark wood suite for the master bedroom, two medium coloured wood suites for the other 2 double rooms and a light wood suite for each of the twin bedded rooms. I went to the extra expense also of buying good deep matresses as I think a comfortable bed is vital.

I have had the bedrooms all painted a pale cream colour with white woodwork and left the doors simply stained as they are wood and I'd hate to cover them with paint.

I am considering adding splashes of colour in each bedroom ~ maybe aqua in one, red in another, green in another and so on. I have loads of lovely ornaments and dishes I can arrange in the bedrooms to suit whichever colour I chose and I suppose I will add to the colour by using matching bedside lamps and perhaps curtains in the chosen colour etc. The bedding is to be snow white for each bedroom as I think this looks so clean and fresh and I'm not too fond of multi patterned bedding either.

I think having a comfortable, clean bedroom is vital to enjoying a holiday and because of this I am being ultra fussy with our bedrooms. I just have to reign myself in on the expense side from time to time!

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