Sunday, 11 January 2009

JANUARY 2009 - The Livingroom

The first photo above is of the livingroom pre-renovations and the second shows the livingroom after renovations.

I can't wait to get this room furnished! I bought the sofas last year and they are in storage waiting to be delivered to Dunkineely. I found a rather nice dark wood coffee table with a matching tv stand. I think I will use my Edwardian display unit there but am still undecided about this. I found a beautiful old sideboard which I hope will fit once the sofas etc. are in place.

I have put a medium dark wood style flooring in and we have retained the open fire having had new flue liners put in and the chimney fixed. The lintle over the door had to be raised as the doorway was too low before and the builder had the idea to use the stones removed from above the door shaped to be used as a base around the fireplace. The builder used an old railyway sleeper for the mantlepiece and this just has to be smoothed down a little. I think he has made a great job of the fireplace and it will be lovely to have a nice big fire burning there. I have a great 3 part mirror I bought in an antique shop a few years ago and I think this will look great above the fireplace ~ now if I can just find it!

Once again the walls are painted a warm cream colour and the highlight colours will come from the cherry red sofas, the curtains and the gorgeous red chandalier I found. I am looking for some groovy cushions to scatter and with a few chosen ornaments I think the livingroom will look really nice and super cosy.

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