Sunday, 11 January 2009

JANUARY 2009 ~ Exterior


In the first photograph you can see the house as it was. The cones infront of the house were there as the council were working on a new drainage system for the village - wonderful timing for us renovating this fine old house.

Luckily the previous owner had installed new windows before we purchased the house. He chose hardwood double glazing which is great as pvc windows would have been so wrong on such an old house. I intend to have them painted white however as exposed wood is not really my choice.

Deciding on what colour to paint the house took me ages. I actually went as far as putting the photographs of the house into one of my computer programmes and experimenting with colours until I found the one I thought best.

Finally I went for a bright citrus lemon colour. I chose this partly because of the name (Daisy Cottage) and partly because the colour is so very fresh and clean. I was slightly nervous after buying the paint and waiting to see it done but now I am so glad I chose the lemon colour I did. I think it looks great - a real sunshine, happy, fresh colour.

I am considering having faux shutters made and painted white to complete the look of the exterior.

Last year I found a great little company in England ( to make me a house sign. I just told them what I wanted and they produced the most cute little sign with the name of the cottage and little daisies painted on it. I will have the sign fitted as soon as the house is completely ready - a sort of private unveiling of the house if you will.

I bought a new front door and it's solid wood with a tiny window in it. Once again this is white. The door furniture the builder added is, in my opinion, just wrong. It's a horrible brass colour and not at all what I would chose. I am now searching for black, old fashioned looking furniture and will have this fitted when I find the perfect door furniture.

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