Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First Bookings!

I have my first bookings! I am both excited and nervous! I really want our guests to love the house and be happy with everything in it and I think they will but you know, you always worry.

And then there's the paperwork ...

I have tons of it to sort. First, I have been making a 'Visitors Book' to leave in Daisy Cottage with local info, things to do, places to see, places to eat, and so on and though I have gathered lots of info it now remains for me to get it all into some semblence of order.

I've also been putting together a 'House Info' book with details of what's in the house, where the items are, and how to use them. Sounds an easy project? Not if you're me and you want to cover every eventuality. I just need to sort it and get it finished and stop getting in a tizz wondering if I've got it all right. Fuss, fuss, fuss.

Doncha just love paperwork?!

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